Monday, April 28, 2014

An American Love Story - 2015

By Dr. Larry Pfaff

How do I express my feelings for you?
It is difficult to put into words; you do so much for me.
You make me feel complete as never before.
When I wake and see you beside me, I feel comforted.
Just looking at you makes me smile.
I cannot take my eyes off of you.
I learn so much from knowing you, about myself and others.
You help me find my way through life.
I want you with me always, every minute of every day.
Each day with you makes me better.
When we are apart I feel lost.
I long for your return, to touch you, to hold you, to be with you.
Each time we are reunited, I feel whole again.
I don’t know how I existed before you came into my life.
I cannot live without you.
My dearest
My irreplaceable smart phone.

Copyright 2014 Lawrence A. Pfaff

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Misuse of National Polls

I find it incredibly frustrating when every network news show compares popularity poll numbers of the President to popularity poll numbers of the entire Congress.

You cannot compare opinions about a group of people to opinions about an individual. It is the old "comparing apples to oranges."  This is a misuse of polling data and the polling companies should know better.

 Let me give you an example. When people are asked how they feel about lawyers in general, typically the rating is always very low. But if you ask those same people how they feel about "their own" lawyer, they will typically say they think he/she is okay. The same is true for many other professions. Even though we may think of a group in negative terms, the individuals we know in that group are okay in our minds.

If you ask people if they like their individual member of Congress you will get numbers higher than the President. I would submit that most people like their personal representative in Congress, but when they think of this large body of hundreds of people they don't like them very much.

So, what the polling companies should do is have people rate their own member of Congress and then give an average of those results. I am sure you will most likely get rating near the approval ratings of the President. But, if there are large differences in those that would be worth reporting.

But let's be honest here, it makes for better press to report low popularity numbers for Congress. Honesty in use of data seems to have gone out the window.

Just my two cents...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014