Thursday, October 1, 2009

More About Entitlement

I have thought more about this whole area that I called the entitlement attitude and have come to the conclusion that it is much larger than I wrote about last time.

It goes far beyond students expecting an A for mediocre is pervasive in our society...

--- It is the belief by our politicians that they are "entitled" because of their job to have better benefits than the rest of us.

---It is the belief by people that they are "entitled" to keep driving their car even after they have proven they should not be allowed to because of drunk driving convictions.

---It is the belief by people that they are "entitled" to have a high paying job and that they are "entitled" to not have to work very had at that job.

---It is the belief that we are all "entitled" to free health care no matter whether we have paid into any system or not.

---It is the belief that we are "entitled" to keep earning more money no matter how hard we work as long as i just "put in my time."

---It is the belief that because I am the CEO of a company that I am "entitled" a multi-million dollar bonus each year, even if the company I run does poorly.

---It is the belief by many of us that we are "entitled" to get whatever we want whenever we want it.

And I could go on and on...

But the real question is how did it get this way? Now that is something to ponder...

Dr. Larry Pfaff

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